Actions Completed

Letters, emails and correspondence in relation to;
Covid-19, Government lies, deception and corruption

Consultation response 12th Feb 2022
16th Feb 2022

Response submitted to the Scottish Government's consultation: Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) Scotland BillConsultation was due to close 25th Feb but has been extended to March 2022. 

Letter to SAIF
21st Sept 2021
Letter to the Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors

This letter was written in response following an interview with Mr John O'Looney of MKFFS and his suspension of membership from SAIF for his ethical stance on Covid 19

Scot Gov Consultation
9th Sept 2021
Vote NO to Vaccine Certification

Email to Scottish MSPs prior to the vote of approval in parliament allowing Vaccine Certification to be introduced

29th July 2021
Final Notice of Liability

Notice of Liability issued to the Director of the Ceroc Dance Organisation in the UK

8th July 2021

Notice of Liability issued to the Director of the Ceroc Dance Organisation in the UK

Letter to SAIF
29th June 2021
Video released - Covid-19 LIES v TRUTH, A CRITICAL REVIEW

This video provides a comprehensive review and technical deconstruction of the facts and evidence concerning Covid-19. The introduction sets out the format of reasoning starting with who and what do you believe?
Main topics include;
@00:26:20 - Failure to implement inexpensive and available treatment options
@00:28:00 - Inappropriate use of PCR testing
@00:35:20 - Failure to show proof of a Virus
@00:54:40 - Toxic crimes already committed
@00:59:15 - How government falsified the Death Toll
@01:01:50 - Critical Failures of Government
@01:07:10 - Evidence of a Conspiracy
@01:12:25 - How they are fooling the public
@01:16:15 - Censorship 

Scot Gov Consultation
30th May 2021
Written submission to the UK parliament consultation on Vaccine Passports

Written submission to the UK parliamentary consultation and Call for Evidence on Covid Certification

Facts NOT Fear

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