COVID-19 Alarming Concerns

and Crimes Against Humanity
PCR Test Fraud
Scientific Fraud
Virus Isolation
Virus Isolation
Death Statistics
False & Manipulated Death Statistics
Alternative Preventative Treatments
Hidden Preventative Treaments
Midazolam - A Killing Weapon
Midazolam - A Killing Weapon
Remdesivir - A Killing Weapon
Ventilators in hospitals
Premature use of ventilators 
DNR or DNAR Notices
Unethical use of DNR Orders
5G technology as a Killing Weapon
Contamination of Vaccines
Graphene/Ethylene Oxide/Parasites/Contamination
Propaganda / Fake News / Censorship
Bio Weapons
Vaccines - A Bio-Weapon
Digital Control
Digital Control & Financial Destruction
Discrimination & Division
Corruption & Conspiracy?
Corruption, Fraud and Conspiracy
Covid Restrictions - Do they work?
Lockdowns / Social Distancing / Masks
Digital Control
Legal actions
Pressure, Coercion, Blackmail
Unacceptable Pressure, Coercion, Blackmail etc.
The War in Ukraine
The War in Ukraine
Chem Trails, Water and other toxins
Poisoning of the Air, Water & Food chain etc

Facts NOT Fear

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